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It seems that the announcements over the past year that statins can help prevent certain forms of cancer were probably premature. Chaulk that up to marketing hype.

I do agree with Lenin though that statins are a God-send for people at high risk for CHD or those already diagnosed with CHD. Clearly this population needs to keep their LDL and VLDL levels low.

However, I also strongly agree with Arizona that despite their benefits, statins are the most over-prescribed drug on the market today, and are being given to healthy people with total disregard to potential long-term side-effects, and with negligible proof of benefit to these groups.

I continue to hedge my bets. I want to keep my total and LDL cholesterol from getting too high - although I don't yet buy into the current guidelines for cholesterol. I am much more concerned about preventing my LDL from becoming oxidized, because I have read from a number of sources, including medical scientists, that Oxidized LDL is what is mostly drawn into plaques. (You know, I've ready so many places that oxidized LDL is what is so important to control that I'm surprised they can't measure oxidized LDL in our blood tests...) I am also far more concerned with keeping inflammation at a minimum than in controlling my cholesterol.

I continue to take high-dose Vitamin-C, L-Lysine, Vitamin-E with Tocotrienols, Ester-E, CoQ10, Policosanol, Niacin, Folic Acid and aspirin as part of my daily regimen, plus green tea when I can bring myself to swallow it (yechhh!!!!). I also try to get aerobic exercise regularly, and am trying to keep my weight in check.

If you've ready any of my prior posts, you know I am highly suspect of the pharmaceutical industry, and the financial strangle-hold it has on the drug-approval process, and guidelines-setting process, and that they are virtually bribing some doctors to prescribe their meds.

Just to set the record straight, I also think that there is plenty of hype and fraud in the Natural Supplements arena - here it is truly 'buyer beware'. There are plenty of snake oil salesmen (like Kevin Trudeau) peddling useless alternative medicine advice which is worthless, and who in my opinion should be prosecuted for Fraud.

Whenever I read claims of 'miracle cures' or if what is being claimed just sounds too good to be true, I always try to see if the individual or corporation making the claim will be financially enriched by lying to me. If I think there is a financial angle to their claims, I always try to find independent, corraborating evidence that what they are peddling is really of benefit. If I can't find any, I turn a blind eye to them.


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