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Congratulations - those are quite low cholesterol numbers... Be careful about going too low...

Also, I'm not so sure the Vytorin (or anything else) will really clean out plaques from the arteries. I've read that when LDL goes below 70, atherosclerotic developement tends to stop, but actualy removing existing plaques is a different matter. I hope your doctor is right, but I'm a bit doubtful... I've read that with high statin doses, there is a very small decrease in plaques (like 2 percent a year) - but I haven't heard of anything more significant than that. Can you shed more light on this?

I for one am not totally comfortable with extreme lowering of cholesterol - because I don't think there is good scientific understanding of the long-term effects of extremely low cholesterol. I know that when LDL is low enough - plaques tend to stop developing - but I am concerned about side-effects that the low cholesterol may be causing - and the side-effects of the drugs themselves... However, if one's arterial blockage levels are high enough or one is in a very high CHD risk category - perhaps there is no choice today but to aggressively lower LDL. One other thing that helps also is to prevent the LDL from becoming oxidized, because studies have shown that oxidized LDL is far more likely to be drawn into plaques. (A plug for the antioxidants vitamin-c and e...).

I can't wait for the next generations of CHD drugs - when they can actually regulate the expression of genes that cause cholesterol to be bound into plaques (genes that regulate the CD36 and SRA receptors to be specific...). Or can regulate the genes that cause the harmful kinds of cholesterol (LDL, VLDL) to be overproduced... Better yet if they can come up with drugs that stop the low-level inflammation that seems to set the entire plaque-development process in motion... Anyhow, so much for dreaming :D .

Also, I was looking up CardioCheck on the internet, and there seem to be 2 different models... not sure which one you use - the results seem to be quite close to the lab results per your post.

I found what appears to be the base model for about $165, and a CardioCheck PA version for professionals for about $480. I assume you use the $165 version.

It also seems that you buy separately;
- blood collectors (about $3 each?)
- HDL test strips (6 for $20, or 25 for $69)
- Total cholesterol test strips (6 for $20, or 25 for $69)
- Triglyceride test strips (6 for $20, or 25 for $69)

Above tests are about average across a few web sites.

Is this correct?



Yes, that is correct on the prices. Originally I had acquired everything through JHewitt which I think may have gone under. I got a package deal with extra capillarytubes, 6 test strips each of HDL, Triglycerides, Cholesterol and I think 50 glucose strips for about $240.00 if I recall correctly. But you may actually find better some but , package deals are always a good savings if you could find another offer somewhere.

Yes, I know what you are saying about Cholesterol being to low. I asked the doctor about it and he said that "no, they can actually go lower with no problem, and can actually go as low as 90." But again, I guess , to me at least, will be how I feel. If I was to start feeling bad or something it would be the first thing I would hone in on. So far, no problems at all. I cannot say the same thing for BP meds. I always seem to have problems of some sort with those, but cholesterol? problem. I probably should be happy about it, if I had my druthers.

As far as the plaques and lowered cholesterol cleaning out arteries. Johns Hopkins used MRI scanning to show that they did BUT , if I remember right the numbers had to get very close together like Lenins or mine. I could be wrong but I would have to look up the research again. It's on the net somewhere, probably JHU would be a place to start. Needless to say he told me it will clean out arteries very very quickly with those numbers. I then asked him if he really knows this and if it's actually true and he smiled and said emphatically, that it will for sure. I didn't ask him for his info or anything he was in a bit of a hurry, I think. Of course he then went out and was bragging to the nurse about my numbers...I think he was more proud of the fact that he helped me than anything, probably more than me.
He really liked my HDL. I told him I had a heavy dose of OLIVIO 2 days prior to testing. He was rather curious.

But if you get a Cardiocheck, and you are trying things with diet, it could really help you see what affects you and what does not. I hope you find a good "bundled" package and get a good price. :)
They are really neat.

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