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I don't have high cholesterol, 170 to 180 range for the last 30 years, but I hang out here because my husband does--274 TC. Most of you know his story. He was on 10mg of Lipitor for eight years with increasing pain in his hip and sciatic nerve. He couldn't sleep without Tylenol PM every night the past five years. Lipitor lowered his TC to 209 at the lowest point and his doctor increased the dosage to 20mg when it hit 229. Bad, bad reaction.

I think I have tried everything in the book or on the internet to lower it.

His present regimen is:
6 grams high-grade Omega 3, half taken in the a.m. and half before bed
500mg flush-free niacin (started after last 274 reading)
Vitamin E--something that has all the E components
Green Tea capsules--2 per day
Oatmeal sprinkled with oat bran and cinnamon every morning
1000mg B-12 dissolved under the tongue
500mg turmeric
200mcg huperzine A with ginkgo (his father has Alzheimers)
800mcg folic acid
500mg L-Lysine
500mg L-proline
200mg CoQ 10 (down from the 300 he used to take)
3000mg Vitamin C taken throughout the day)
1200mg kyolic aged garlic
artichoke leaves capsules (newest addition)
two beers and a glass of cabernet wine each evening
Multi-vitamin (just in case we missed something)

Things that have been tried and abandoned:
Policosanol--claimed his muscles started hurting again. Tried twice with same result
Magnesium--made him twitch and edgy. I think he gets enough magnesium in his nightly beers.
Calcium--made him bloated and gassy. Tried three different kinds, same result
300mg Beta Sitosterol--muscle pain again
Benecol margarine--said his muscles hurt--even I doubted that one, but out it went.
Sytrinol--muscle pain after a couple of weeks. Plant stanols or sterols are definitely a problem for him.

I have a bottle of CholestOff on the shelf, but as plant stanols and sterols seem to bother him I haven't the heart to give it to him. I may sneak it in just to see if it is all in his head.

He has done three liver flushes in the past couple of months and it didn't do anything much for his cholesterol. He did lose six pounds, mostly around his waist, that he has yet to gain back. Also, he used to have night sweats and those have stopped since doing the flushes. I was forced to do one of these because he didn't want to do it unless I did. No more for me. He now recommends them to all of his friends.

I think I worry more about his cholesterol than he does. His muscle pain is almost gone and he has just been able to start exercising on the treadmill in the past few weeks although he has been off Lipitor for more than 8 months. He says he can't live the way he was living on Lipitor again so I search for some combination that will bring his cholesterol numbers down. I don't think there is a current statin drug that he can take safely.

Oh, yes, he eats healthy foods--no fried at all. Olive oil for cooking, an apple a day, vegetables, lean meats, few sweets, etc. We own a restaurant so it is easier in some ways for us to pick and choose healthy foods.


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