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[QUOTE=gardeninggal]So often I read what different members are doing and I thought it would help us to know just what each is doing to lower cholesterol and have better heart health. Would you be willing to list the things you are taking and what you are doing and also what has worked and what has not and any good and bad side effects you have encountered? I am willing to start....

Things that have not worked for me and why

Lipitor and Lovastatin...muscle aches, inflammation, GI troubles, high blood pressure.
Orange juice and margarines that contain plant sterols because they have are soy oils and I can't digest soy.
No soy in any form if I can help it because of it's effect on the thyroid

What I am using now..........each day

1000mg of no flush flush at all
One a Day Cholesterol Plus (with Policosanol 10mg)
2000 mg of Vit C
3000mg of fish oil
2000 MCG of B-12 under the tongue
100mg of CoQ10
Magnesium Citrate 200mg
I heaping Tbls of flax seed ground fresh eaten as a cereal with milk
Oils are Olive, butter and coconut
Green tea
No pre-packages foods other then dried potatoes and cereal

My comment: I feel better today, with more energy, 3 lbs less since coconut oil, hair loss has slowed to normal, arthritis is improved, cognitive thinking is better and my blood pressure is down, all in all I am happy with my results. :)[/QUOTE]

Well I won't know till next test if the newest things I have been doing are still working, but last test was fine.

No statins, was on Lipitor and Baycol, MAJOR GI problems, weakness, and developed high BP. Strange, for 59 yrs. it was very low..Hmmmmm Tried Welchol, felt like a constipated whale, so ditched that too. Tried non flush Niacin, still got itchy on a lousy 100 mgs., BUMMER!!!

Started to eat oatmeal each day, also cut back on meats, as not much else to do, dr. said diet was fine. Did this for about 3 years, along with garlic pill and it kept it borderline...225-236, so left things be.

About 8 months ago decided to up my vitamic C another 500 mgs., try cinnamon, 1/4 to 1/2 tsp. each morning and also drink Bigelow green tea. Last test in Aug. TC went from 232 to 198 and LDL went from 161 to 126...Still think they sent someone elses report by mistake, as I never had numbers that low. LOL

For now I just eat what I want, but in moderation, still do the oatmeal, cinnamon, green tea, garlic pill, vitamin C 500 mgs. each morning and 500 C after supper, and also have been eating more yogurt and mixed nuts. God only knows if it will keep working, but I am doing my best. Only thing I changed was switching to Promise health smart spread instead of Land O Lakes, as I found out the LOL has trans. fats, Promise doesn't.

That is it for me, we will see next test if I am doing good or not, but for now, at least the dr. is off my back........ ;)

Enjoy your evening...... :wave:

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