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Nice to hear from a great bunch of knowledgeable people, I will take all this to heart and apply it as best I could. Thank you all for the advise :) To answer some of the missing details I left out: My cholesterol has been in the 240-280 TC range since my mid twenties and was 271 the test prior to this one, December 2005 (not the first time the doc has put me on meds), luckily I don't have a family history of heart disease, diabetes, high BP or even cholesterol for that matter!?? For some reason, I was the unlucky one to start this trend in the family (I've been told my Grandparents had slight cholesterol problems but not till they were in their 60's-70's).

I was also wondering, how much does alcohol effect cholesterol and should I avoid it all together while I'm on Vytorin?

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