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Re: Coenzyme Q-10?
Jan 22, 2006

I've been taking CoQ10 for about 2 years now. Two years ago I had a very bad reaction when Tricor was added to my Lipitor therapy. Within 2 months I had so much muscle pain and weakness that I could barely lift my laptop computer. I stopped both drugs cold-turkey, but continued the CoQ10. It took about 8 months before I noticed any improvement in symptoms - and I was taking about 100mg CoQ10/day.

No one really knows what the optimal dose is - I've heard some recommend as high as 250mg/day to treat those with statin-induced myopathies - unfortunately it doesn't seem to do much good for those with statin-induced neuropathies.

I also question a lot of the science behind statins - because such a high percentage of heart-attack victims have 'normal' cholesterol I just can't see cholesterol as the prime cuplrit. I think that chronic low-level inflammation (from unknown causes) puts in motion a set of actions that results in plaque formation. I try to take aspirin and folic-acid (800mg/day) to help fight inflammation. I also take 2 grams vitamin c (was taking higher amount - but cut back due to GI problems), 400IU of natural vitamin-e or Ester-E, 3-4 grams of Omega-3 Fish Oil . I'm also taking Policosanol (from sugar cane) 20/mg now - and in the first 8 weeks of use, it dropped my cholesterol about 15%. Vitamin-C also helps collagen production, so that the arteries can repair themselves without having to resort to plaque-formation for structural repair.

I also think that keeping the cholesterol from becoming oxidized (by taking antioxidants) is key - because oxidized cholesterol is much more likely to be bound into the arterial plaques. Scientists are already working on drugs to help down-regulate the CD36 and SRA receptors on the macrophages found in plaques (these receptors bind quite readily with oxidized cholesterol, making the plaque even larger) as the next-generation of Coronary Heart Disease fighting drugs. I hope they will have them during my lifetime!


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