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It seems you are in the majority. Only one or two people have reported decent cholesterol results from polycosanol in this forum.
My temptation to buy YET ANOTHER SUPPLEMENT was quelled by reading the results of others.
One person, however, claimed excellent results (sorry, I forgot who), but that's what makes a ballgame.

Those high triglycerides may have been tied to your overconsumption of the fruit juices...lots of sugar.

If your calf started aching in November, and by mid November you had seemingly already stoopped the statin, if I interpreted your post correctly, is it possible that what you HAD was indeed a Charley horse? People DID get them before statins. ANyone over the course of a year will certainly get a sore muscle or 10 but perhaps going off heart medication might be the wrong response to every muscle pain. Charley horses predate statins by a quarter million years (the birth of homo sapiens!)

Maybe you should give that weak low dose statin another trial? Did you discontinue the niacin at the same time you stopped the lovastatin?

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