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[QUOTE=Neofree]I am being treated for ADD and High blood pressure, as well as I am quitting smoking and am on the following medications:

Straterra, Diovan, HCTZ, Toprol XL, Wellbutrin

I just had a physical and a ultrasond of my heart and my heart is normal, but my cholesterol is 220, triglycerides are 570 and glucose is 100, the rest are within normal ranges. My PCP wants me to take Tricor for the Triglycerides, but my Cardiologist said that with my blood pressure being normal now I may be able to reduce medication in 4-6 weeks since my heart looks fine. I am 29 and it just seems like way too many drugs and the Cardiologist is right to reduce. I am now dieting and have quit smoking, where as I was eating tons of crap (Wendy's/Dominos/Taco Bell) all the time and friends are telling me I should be able to lower my numbers now that I am dieting and dont need anymore drugs.




Your triglycerides are very high and absolutely need to be lowered - but they can often be lowered with diet alone. Do cut back on the junk food (way back), reduce sweets, fats and alcohol - and watch calories - and you should see a very significant drop in a few months.

If after 2-3 months of diet your trigs are still high - I'd consider the Tricor.

One word of warning - be very reluctant to combine the Tricor with any statin. It greatly increases the chance of muscle problems (I know - I took the combination for 2 months and had so much pain in my arms that I could barely lift anything...).


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