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Good move on the diet changes - I think watching carbs and cutting back on fats will have a noticeable impact on your triglycerides. When watching carbs, try to also cut back on anything 'white' (white bread, white rice, white potatoes) - they tend to be quite starchy. Continue eating more salads and vegetables and fewer carbs (especially processed ones).

Alchohol does tend to raise triglycerides (alchool interferes with fat metabolism) - and beer has lots of carbs as well, which also raise trigs.

A couple shots of whiskey a week won't hurt though. If you like red wine, a small glass a day of red wine has the added benefit of raising HDL - the 'good' cholesterol. I wouldn't do both the wine and whiskey though.

Once you get used to your new diet, you might try eating more foods that have a low 'glycemic index'. These foods tend to be converted to glucose more slowly - which is good - you don't get spikes in your blood sugar. This helps to prevent diabetes, and people actually find their cholesterol and triglyceride levels improve when eating more low GI foods. If you look 'glycemic index' up on the internet, there are plenty of sites that list the GI rating for many popular foods.

Hope the surgery works out well for you...


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