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[QUOTE=Rig9300]I am 53, male, and there is a very strong history of heart attacks in my family including both parents. These occurred at a young age, before 55. I am sure my gene pool is really bad. Anyway, these are the cards I was dealt.
For the last 18 plus years I have been working hard to improve my longevity and decrease my odds of succumbing to CHD. Now, I think in terms of at least 22 risk factors that need my constant attention. Some, of course, I have no control over but the rest I do, so I have pushed most of them out of the picture as much as possible. I think CHD can be modulated by serious lifestyle changes.
I have personally incorporated the following life style changes:
Quit smoking 20 years ago.
Quit working 70 hrs per week & adopted stress reduction techniques.
Switched to 85% plus vegetarian diet and maintain weight at .95 of ideal weight.
Consume very little cheese or dairy products.
I always get 5 or more servings of fruit and veggies per day.
Exercise hard 4 times per week (can push my heart rate past max point 170).
Take all kinds of health supporting vitamins and supplements, for example: 2 g of Vitamin C + 2 g of Lysine + 1 g Proline (yes, I am a fan of the LP theory), Q10, Reservatrol + Hawthorne, Vitamin E, + grape seed + garlic + turmeric + artichoke plus numerous other nutrients.
Take 81-mg aspirin daily.
Consume red wine several times per week, green tea every day & soy products.
Eat lots of cold water fish, mostly salmon.
Consume flax seed oil, nuts and oat bran and whole grains.
I mostly eat wholesome low-fat foods; I believe in the theories of super nutrition.
I never consume Trans-fats and very rarely will I eat fast food.
I take Red Rice Yeast 1200 mg per day plus 10 mg Lipitor (for the past 3 years). This was necessary for me because my cholesterol had bottomed out and was still not acceptable.

I have seen my cholesterol as high as 299, LDL & HDL numbers that were real ugly. All of these scary numbers existed before I changed my lifestyle (almost 18 years ago). I feel great, have lots of energy and have no health problems at all. Recently, I decided to switch to the VAP cholesterol test. I am very much in support of the added risk factor details. Below I will share my numbers.

Total Chol 195
HDL 40
LDL 125
Tri G 85
Blood sugar 91
Blood pressure 116/74
CRP hs .5
Homocysteine 6.5
Lp(a) 10
IDL 18
LDL (real) 112
Size Pattern A
HDL2 12 HDL3 28

Very sad but true, my twin brother has numerous serious medical problems and is not doing well. In addition to his many medical issues, he has high blood pressure, is now diabetic and has advanced CHD. His cholesterol numbers were horrible, TC over 300 and LDL of 190. Oddly, his HDL was always terrific, in the mid 60ís. Last year he had bad chest / arm pains and needed 7 stints put in. The high HDL was of little benefit. Now he is symptomatic again and is being evaluated for bypass.

My only point of mentioning my brother is to emphasize that taking control of ones health has huge benefits. I know that many on this board already know this and work hard at it. I donít want to sound cold, but unfortunately my brother never subscribed to this theory. His life style habits were very poor. When he made a sandwich his only consideration was how to get the butter and mayo on both sides of the white bread. Now, sadly, the results of his habits have clearly contributed to the demise of his health. This twin brother real-life medical experiment demonstrates the possible outcomes. I hope this example will encourage others to make the important life style changes that will protect their health. There is solid science to support this belief. As I said, I feel great and will continue to control as many CHD risk factors as possible. The goal is to improve the odds of avoiding or a least delaying CHD. I donít think my numbers are super, but they are not bad. I think the LDL needs to get lower but I do not what to increase the Lipitor. I have somewhat given up on HDL because mine went from 28 to 40 and has been stuck there. Plus, I donít think is as protective has advertised.
By the way, I think this board is excellent and have learned a lot from it.



I'm very impressed with the seriousness and determination you demonstrate.
I wish I was even half as serious. I believe your serious health regimen has warded off lot's of potential problems. I think your numbers are great. The CRP and homocysteine are better than aveage, and your total chol is under 200. As far as your concern about your HDL, your ratios are OK. A high HDL does not mean much if all your other numbers are NG, and great cholesterol numbers mean nothing if your CRP, homocycteine, fibrinogen levels etc are off whack. As we all know, the majority of heart attack and stroke victims all have normal cholesterol numbers. I believe your success comes from the many beneficial supplements you are taking such as Vitamin C, garlic and co-enzyme Q10. I think adding NIACIN and possibly Carnitine and Chromium will do much to improve the cardio-picture (also raise the HDL more).

Note: Strangely, I've discovered the more supplements I took daily the worse my cholesterol numbers. In research when only NIACIN and ZOCOR were taken, HDL improved dramatically and lipid-subfractions improved and plaque was reversed. When antioxidant cocktails were added Vit E, Selenium, A, C. (Numbers were not as good, and HDL remained lower. So was their a blunting or negative effect with the use of vitamins on cholesterol levels? or for that matter, Does a slightly better cholesterol level equate to better health?
I believe vitamins support and help our system in many dramatic ways not reflective in cholesterol numbers etc.

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