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[QUOTE=MaxOT26]I have taken an impartial approach to either the drug companies or the cholesterol myth advocates. I have basically just read every study I can find on cholesterol. And there are tons. From everything I have seen, no link as been established between dietary cholesterol intake and circulating blood cholesterol levels. There is nothing at all that says eating more cholesterol gives you higher cholesterol. It just isn't out there. There is some evidence that points at having an unbalance of HDL to LDL is inclusive with heart problems. However, even this evidence is far from conclusive. I don't quite know where to stand with cholesterol, but it is plainly obvious it is not as terrible as the current medical concensus says it is. The evidence just isn't there. I would love for someone to show me some solid studies that conclusively prove cholesterol leads to heart disease.[/QUOTE]

I think there are many of us feeling the same way. I have known too many folks with normal cholesterol that have had some kind of heart problem, my husband being one of them. He always had perfect numbers, yet in 94 had to have his arteries cleaned due to 90-97% blockage on the left side. My BIL passed away last yeart of heart disease, another one with perfect numbers!

So far I have mixed feelings. I think there is such a thing as too much cholesterol and also too little, but I disagree with the medical profession that everyone's numbers have to meet their "so called" guidelines. Every person is different, therefore I believe the cholesterol level needed by each person varies. JMHO

Drs. have to start treating people as individuals and stop saying what may be high or low for U, is the same for each patient. I truly believe they are making alot of folks paranoid about what they eat, and to me this causes stress, which I think is 90% of some problems. Like my old dr. use to say, STRESS can kill ya, and I really believe it.

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