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[QUOTE=Melvi]I do agree people, especially doctors are obsessed with cholesterol numbers. But I have yet to read anywhere that a TC 309 is nothing to worry about. Believe me I did all the research because I was scared to death of the statins. I read Dr. Uffe's book, read other books, logged on different websites run by Teaching Hospitals. So far I've not found out that very high cholesterol is "harmless" that very high cholesterol does NOT cause strokes or heart attacks. For example: My mother-in-law had very high cholesterol for several yrs and never took statins for it. She had several small strokes, and then a major one. Her BP was fine, angiogram came out fine, she took no meds, and the docs at the hospital scratched their heads until they finally scanned her carotid arteries in her neck and they were totally clogged up.

Another relative of mine had severe chest pains off and on throughout his life, he too had very high cholesterol, very high BP, never took any meds, and lived to be 83 yrs old. THAT is what doctors call playing Russian Roulette. If you're lucky you'll live a long life despite the high BP and Cholesterol, but I'd say more people are not that lucky.

Nobody is forced to take any meds. Everybody is different. Had I not taken statins and had gotton a stroke or heart attack knowing me I'd have asked myself a 1000 times "why did I not at least try the statins". If I will get side effects later on then I have to live with it but frankly living in constant fear what my TC of 309 might will do to me was no picnic either. I've high BP (am on meds) and this constant anxiety was definately not good for my BP.[/QUOTE]

I understand your concern. Stress played a mojor role in heart disease. If for you are anyone, the cholesterol does not cause any unwanted side effects and reassures you then it should be of benifit, if just from the stress lowering effect. Low metabolism is also a major culprit in buildup of the arteries. That is was the thyroid is important. Many doctors do not realize the the American Association of Clinical Endocronoligists have said the upper limit of TSH is 3.02 ish (can't remember the exact number) but most docs won't treat people unless it over 5 and then you have to search to find them. My mother's was 3.8 for years, and even after the new guidelines her doctors looked at us just like we were nuts. Even told us no doctor in this city would treat at that level. We did find a doctor who would treat her, and he used Armour thyroid. Her level is now below 2, and the outer 1/3 of her eyebrows have grown back, she agin has to shave her legs, and her body temperature is up (closer to 98) than before when it was 96-97. For her is was too late. She had to have bypass surgery 2 months ago, and has had a very hard time, because of the myopathy caused by statin medications. Funny how her angiogram in 1990 showed her arteries perfectly clear, in 2000 still perfectly clear, and still the doctor put her on Zocor. Her thyroid level had gone up in 1999, and the doctor wouldn't treat her. After 5 years on first zocor, then lipitor, then zetia, then zetia and Welchol she needs a triple bypass. ?????? Doctors at Washington University in St.louis, have finished a study announcing that in a surprise to tem low metabolism caused arteries to block (artherosclerosis). They thought lowering metabolism would help but found it was just the opposite. (done by Dr. Clay Semenkovich)..If you read any cholesterol medication sheet it states that hypothyroidism should be treated before beginning statins (among other things)

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