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[QUOTE=jane bauer]My doctor just called with my cholesterol readings: Total: 267, Tri 219,
HDL 68, LDL 155. He wants to put me on 20mg Lovastatin.
I am terrified of the possible side effects of statins.

My overall ratio is 3.9 and I thought that was very good.

Also, I have a couple drinks each night before dinner. I heard statins affect the liver. Would the combination of statins and alcohol be dangerous?

With my ratio is 3.9 I don't feel like I even need meds.
Any thoughts, please.


Your problem appears to be the high triglycerides, and statins are not good at lowering them - they work on LDL. Your HDL is very good, as is your LDL/HDL ratio. Your LDL level was probably 'calculated', not directly measured, and part of the calculation is based on the triglycerides. So if you lower the trigs, your LDL will go down also.

The chances of liver problems with statins are low - but your doctor will definitely do blood tests (usually every 3 months) for probably a year to see how your liver is doing. Excessive drinking can harm the liver - but I don't think a couple of drinks a day plus the statin should be a problem.

Try eating foods with a lower Glycemic Index. You can find many listings of the GI rating of foods on the internet. This will help drop your trigs, plus will also help prevent diabetes... Cut back on the cheese, and on carbs - especially starches and sugars - that will help lower the trigs also. And yes, alchohol raises trigs, but see how the above works before you decide to cut back - I know I need a beer or 2 when I get home from work...

It is true that statins have an anti-inflammatory quality - but it is thought that this benefit can be obtained at a much lower dose than is generally prescribed. If you are afraid to take the statin, why not try cutting the pills in half, and maybe even take it every other day for the anti-inflammatory properties. You can also help fight inflammation by taking low-dose aspirin, and Folic Acid (400-800mg/day).

I think if you drop the trigs a little, you'll have great numbers...


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