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It will be interesting to see whether reducing plaque to the extent that this study recommends does in fact cut down the number of cardiac events or all causes mortality, particularly cancer which has associations with low cholesterol levels.

The main problem I forsee will be how many people can stand taking 40mg of a gorilla statin like Crestor. William Davies, the cardiologist who wrote the bestseller,"Track Your Plaque" has treated hundreds of CAD patients with high statin doses(he also believes in reducing LDL to <60), and he reckons 30% of his patients have side effects. He was one himself and had to take a large dose of CoQ10 to reduce his muscle problems.

Another interesting point that has emerged from this trial is the fact that lower plaque can be associated with no increase in lumen area and at the same time the artery membrane can thicken.

5 years ago the press tore into a Vitamin C trial on reducing plaque in carotid arteries by announcing that "Vitamin C does not increase lumen size and causes an increase in artery thickness", exactly the same as the Crestor Trial did.

Could it be that Vitamin C was reducing plaque in this trial after all? :D :D

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