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[QUOTE=gardeninggal]Arizona, Spectacular indeed I have never heard of HDL being that high. You must be really happy. I tried to take garlic but of course when my husband was noticing a garlic odor I stopped taking it. I may try a different type, more like you take and not tell him and see if he can detect it. He had to work with a guy that ate fresh garlic and that's why he doesn't like it. Like I said I have upped my niacin to 1500mg and we get no flushes at all and yet it lowered our total and raised our HDL. My husband's was 60 which is the highest he has ever had even on Lipitor. He has since stopped the Lipitor. I am afraid it's because I stopped and because of what we read. :wave:[/QUOTE]


To tell you the truth, I never started taking a garlic supplement to increase my HDL. In fact, I didn't really care or think too much about HDL and cholesterol back then. I only started taking it because I heard that it was a good supplement to take for overall cardiovascular health, and that it is best to use a supplement which has been standardized for its allicin content. The fact that my HDL climbed that high really surprised me, and I couldn't quite figure out why. It took a while in order for me to make a possible connection, at least in my case. But I think that garlic can benefit just about anyone, and it may have a similar positive effect on cholesterol for some people.

Oh, by the way, I did ask my mother if she still smelled garlic on me, and she said she didn't. So maybe it's the supplement you are taking.

My father, who is diabetic, also takes the flush-free niacin, since this form of niacin has a negligible impact on blood sugar levels. His last HDL reading was 86 , even though he has been off Zocor for a few years. Even though his total cholesterol is high (251), his triglycerides remain low (58), so I'm quite satisfied. I think that if you can maintain a high HDL, and keep your triglycerides down, then any LDL issues are much less of a concern. :wave:

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