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[QUOTE=zigwyth]Just wondering if any of you have had success on natural supplements, foods, etc. in order to avoid Statins to lower the Bad cholesterol?. If so, what you did take or do, how long, dosage,etc. Any info would be greatly appreciated as I am trying to avoid getting put on the Statins if possible.
Thank You :wave:[/QUOTE]

Zigwyth, I took Lipitor and later changed to Lovastatin and had way too many side effects so quit taking any statins. I took 1000mg of No-Flush Niacin from "Now" brand and I took 1 pill of "One a Day Plus" that has 10mg of Policosanol in it, I also took 3 1000mg fish oil caps. I use olive oil and coconut oil, to cook with. I don't exercise like I should. When I last had my total cholesterol checked the total had come down 40 points and my HDL is 60. I have decided to up my No-Flush Niacin to 1500mgs (which is 3 caps) and I am taking 2 "One a Day Plus" pills so that now I will be taking 20mg of Policosanol. The best part is I feel great compared to when I took the statins. I am sure if I was more strict I would do better but I hate formal exercise. Oh yes I should mention that I plan on taking the caps of green tea because I can't seem to drink enough tea to get what I need and I also use cinnamon in my food and in my morning coffee with a bit of honey. Sounds like a lot but not really and it is so cheaper then statins. We take vitamins for good health and we take CoQ10 to correct the damage the statins did. :wave:

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