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Re: Need some info
Mar 17, 2006
I came to this board recently because I was just put on 10 mg. Crestor as my TC escalated from 220 last year to 276 this year and my dr. sees evidence in various tests of arterial plaque. Unless stress caused this TC increase, I don't know what did. In addition to a healthy diet, I've taken CoQ10 for probably 10 years (when it was first publicized), and high doses of antioxidents. This past year I added Colestoff, niacin, and policosanol. I may be 65, but am in good health and walk at least an hour a day.

But I have to strongly agree with Melvi--there is too much condemnation of statins here in my opinion. I have friends who have taken them for years with no problems (and others who didn't and suffered stroke and heart attacks). I may regret taking Crestor, but on the other hand, if I had started statins sooner, maybe there would be no plaque.

One question--can a person take Colest-off or policosanol with a statin?


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