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His triglycerides are 140 (if I've done the calcualtion correctly! :D)

If I were he, I would try getting my fat intake below 30% of calories...not by guesstimate, but by counting...20% is even better. Keep saturated fat at half this amount and stop eating ANYTHING with hydrogenated oils. THis should get LDL down and might lower Triglycerides as well.

If he doesn't like sweets then sugar is probably not an issue.

Exercise is supposed to raise HDL...he can try aerobics/cardio.

There are other less druggy approaches like sterol/stanols (like Benecol spread and the Heart Healthy orange juices (and cholest-off)...check for "plant sterols" on the label.) Niacin is an "almost" drug approach but it's worth a try to see if he can stand the flush...It wiill raise HDL as will some alcohol every day!

A high fiber diet...lots of legumes...should help by sequestering some of the dietary cholesterol. And less eggs if he is a big ovo-eater!

If none of this works, there are always the statins to fall back on especially if he has a familial history of heart disease or other risk factors.

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