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For supplements:

Time Release Niacin 1,000 mg a day (Helps HDL rise?)
Not too much Red Yeast Rice (similar to statins) -a few times a week?
FISH Oil (1,000) 2 times a day or total of 3,000 a day
400 mg garlic (any certain kind I should buy??)
Alpha Linolenic acid ----what is this exactly - should I add this ?
1200 mg. liquid lecithin (few times a week)

Anything else I should add to this? I Usually use Puritan Pride for my Vitamin store, is this good ???

Any advice, please post! Thanks[/QUOTE]

I don't think it's really necessary to buy any extra Alpha Linolenic Acid. The flaxseed already contains quite a bit of that.

The form of niacin to use may depend on what you're particularly concerned about. If you're mainly interested in increasing HDL, then an immediate-release form of niacin usually does a better job, and is easier on the liver. However, if you're also trying to lower LDL, then a time-release product may be preferable, although they are also harder on the liver.

I also order most of my supplements from Puritan's Pride. The niacin I use is simply the regular immediate-release form (250mg taken 4 times each day). I've been taking this for 20 years, and it has definitely increased my HDL.

Okay, and now for the garlic. I also order that from Puritan's Pride. I would suggest you order the "Maximum Garlic 6500". It is an enteric coated product which is standardized for its allicin content. This product should have the most beneficial effect on his HDL. That's the one I've been using, and I found that it has given me an added boost in HDL. I hope this helped.
Thank you, when you say Immediate Release form, what does this mean, --that it will give us the Flush? I just took a Niacin 100mg that is like 6 yrs old --I had some in my shelf, and it still gave me a horrible red itchy flush, at that low dose & being old even. I know my husband hated the Flush with this years ago, I am almost afraid to get something without it. Is FLUSH FREE Niacin the SAME as TIME RELEASE Niacin, I am VERY confused here. I don't want anything hard on the liver, but then again I dont' think he will be able to stand those itchy burning flushes either --what to do?
[QUOTE=OverRunWithSons]So we should use the Flushing kind only ---and we need to gradually increase our dosage , does the flushing diminish after you take this awhile? Lets say I want to take a Maximum of 500 mgs a day, should I do (5) 100 mg's throughout the day? What is the best way to do this? Or (2) 250 mg's a day?? Thanks[/QUOTE]

If you're going to order niacin from Puritan's Pride, you'll notice that there are three different kinds to choose from. There is the regular immediate-release niacin, which comes in 100mg and 250mg potencies. A 250mg time release product is also available. They also carry flush-free niacin (inositol hexanicotinate), which is available in 500mg capsules. If you are really worried about flushing, you can try the flush-free form. It's supposed to work just as well, although it is more expensive. But if you'd prefer to use the regular niacin, I would suggest you start with the 100mg immediate-release version, and gradually increase the dosage as you get used to it. But I would hold off on the red yeast rice until you've given the niacin a chance first. I'd be a little cautious about combining red yeast rice with niacin.

You said that your husband has just 3 months to improve his numbers. Why only 3 months? Sometimes these things take a little longer than that, especially when you are experimenting with diet and various supplements in order to determine which combination works best.

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