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First let me hit the ALA: alpha-linolenic acid is the plant based omega-3 oil. It is effective in itself and is convertible in small amounts into the fish oils EPA and DHA. Since you are planning to supplement fish oil, there's no need to go overboard but if you buy canola oil as your everyday vegetable oil, you'll get LOTS of ALA. It's also present in copiuos amounts in flax oil (linseed oil.)

Niacin is either fast acting plain nicotinic acid, or mixed with agents to help slow down delivery. THe amount in the bloodstream is what determines flush (I can turn beet red on some niacin I bought 25 years ago :eek:.
The terms, time-release, intermediate release, extended release, slow acting, non-flush and inositol hexanicotinate...all mean the same thing: slow absorption, little or no flushing, more risk of liver damage...but still SLIGHT!

If you are turning red from 100 mg., don't consider the regular version. I tried for months to acclimate to it...IMPOSSIBLE! Use a non-flush or extended release formulation. I think there are very few people who can take 2 grams of the regular niacin day after day...I've never met one!

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