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My last encounter with a 300+ cholesterol was my doorman. He retired 2 months ago with health problems...I heard he died of a heart attack on 51! THAT'S the scenario for a 300 cholesterol! Do YOU know any old people with cholesterol numbers in the 300's or was that hyperbole? [/QUOTE]


I am not exactly in the habit of surveying senior citizens to find out what their cholesterol levels are, but I think it's pretty safe to say that there are indeed such people, and not all of them are afflicted with heart disease. Interestingly, most people I have asked at work either don't know or can't remember. And even if they do know their total cholesterol, they either don't know or can't remember what their other numbers are. So I think that overall, most people do not have the same level of interest or understanding as do many people on this board.

But back to the 300 Club. I would like to get more detailed statistics on them as well. I'm sure this information must be available somewhere. It's my opinion that if these statistics were made available to the public, most people would be surprised to learn that there would be statistically very little difference in coronary heart disease events compared to the rest of the population, as was reported by the Framingham Study.

There is one 55 year old man where I work who told me that his cholesterol was in the high 200s (between 250-300), and that his doctor wanted to put him on statins, but he refused. Anyway, his doctor did convince him to undergo some tests in order to determine if he had any blockages. When he got his results back, his doctor told him that he had the heart of a 20 year old. Go figure.

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