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[QUOTE=Cin4676]I don't remember exactly where I've read this but it was more than one place...I had read that statins do nothing for women. But yet, I am still trying to take my prescription of Vytorin because it has been drilled into our heads so much that I am frightened NOT to take it. :confused:[/QUOTE]

I just stopped taking Vitorin as I started to feel pain in my legs and back. I'm on high blood pressure and couldn't get my blood pressure down. A week after I stopped the vitorin my blood pressure dropped 10 points. Every time my cholesterol gets way down I have problems. 3 years I was taking Zocor and got my total down to 99 and I had bad pains in the ribs so bad I droped 30 pounds and all my family thought I was going to die. I stopped the zocor and after many tests they couldn't find anything but the drs wouldn't pin it on Zocor. I talk to the dr when I see him next month about stopping vitorin.


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