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[QUOTE=Harry Doyle]I agree that people need more omega-3 in their diets, but from books I have read recently, taking a supplement for it may not be the best way. Omega-3 is obvioulsy found in fish, but it is also in flaxseed, flax oil, almonds, and walnuts.
From what I have read they should not be taken as supplements because fats are calorically dense, adding many calories to your diet, and causing weight gain. Extra weight is highly inflammatory along with diets high in excess calories. This inflammation increases the likelihood for serious illness. Excess calories should not be consumed especially when they are derived from fat, including omega-3 fatty acids. "As long as you get them in food, you wont have any problem, but supplements of fat can be dangerous." (Richard Flemming 2004)

summarized from: [I]Stop Inflammation Now[/I], Richard M. Flemming M.D., Page 34, G.P. Putnam's Sons, 2004[/QUOTE]

One of my 1200mg fish oil capsules is only 10 calories. A 3oz pacific salmon fillet is around 100 calories and has less combined EPA+DHA than one capsule (not too mention about 80+mg of cholesterol). How am I doing better eating seafood versus taking a few capsules of concentrated oil?

P.S. By the way, I take 6 such capsules per day - I have very high triglycerides, and the recommended daily EPA+DHA for hypertriglyceridemia is 2-4 grams per day. That would mean eating over 1 pound of salmon each and every day (over 600 calories in fish alone). Forget about calories, my wallet couldn't handle the strain (my six capsules/day cost about $0.43) :D

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