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any time....from what i understand about ataxia....its highly likely that the shock treatments caused the damage to the cerebellum. beta blockers (high blood pressure) also deplete Coq10. As they told us, most likely if no family member had cerebellar ataxia it is highly unlikely that it is genetic. I can't remember how many genetic types of ataxia there are, but I believe that it is about 15. Mother had all of the genetic panels done at Athena through Washington university in st. louis. THey are very vague on ataxia....because ataxia in itself just means movement disorder...thats all. Kind of if you don't know whats wrong put it there. If it was of the brain stem that would be different than cerebellar ataxia. If she was depressed, there is a good chance that she took one of the drugs i mentioned. If so in that instance she probably has a lipid disorder...(look up niemann pick) Niemann pick is genetic, but these medications create a psuedo niemann pick....(which mimics np but is not the actual disease). Also Zetia works on this same pathway, which is something that they just made public...(i bet they knew all along). What blood pressure medication are you on? Some can raise triglycerides, expecially the beta blockers, except Coreg. Also some can raise cholesterol. I'm glad that someone understands the reason why i usually blast statins. You know what cerebellar ataxia is like. Since doctors under report statin side effects, we never know how many people are affected and how they are affected. You Coq10 is probably the best thing you could do. Dr DiMauro, and ataxia expert at cornell...has confirmed in published papers that they believe the Low Coq10 in the cerebellum was problably the initiating cause that caused the brain damage that lead to cerebellar ataxia. You probably need to take 600mg of Coq10 to be on the safe side. Dr. DiMauro suggest the 600 when you have suspected mitochondrial damage. ALso you're right about the parkinson's. Many people say it doesn't help them. However it has been proven that it can stop the progression of parkinson's, and about a lot of people have noticed a reduction of 44% in their symptoms. You also might be interested to know that Merck (zocor) has held a patent since 1990 for Zocor plus Coq10... (however they don't make it)...look it up, its interesting to note the reason for adding the Coq10. It will be the smoking gun (with finger prints) when the law suits over statins start to hit the courts.

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