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:wave: Thank you all for your help. My mom is 53/54, but she is far from old. I have read the reports about 50+ yr olds and statins, but they don't apply to my mom or dad.1) my mom would never have a cholesterol problem if not for the bp meds she takes. 2.) she is diabetic so she can't take niacin or niaspan. 3.)her diet and exercise did not work, bcuz she really needs to take the bp meds to control her bp.

Since I made that post, some of her problems have cleared up. She has very little side effects. The memory problem is still there, but she pans to lower the dose again to 10 mg; instead of the 20mg.

I agree the doctors know the meds hurt people, but the drugs do what they clain to do, lower cholesterol. :D I can't wait until my mom is off of those bp meds, she is losing weight and hopefully that will improve her bp. :) My grandmom was able to stop her statin (zocor) and her bp med after she lost 80 pounds. My granny is 81 yrs old and she still works part-time so that she can stay active. Maybe my mom will improve when she lose weight, too. Thanx again for all your help.

Her numbers are (i am doing this from memory) tc 287 hdl 65, ldl 187 trigs 149 . I posted these a few months ago, but this is from memory, i don;t have the report bcuz it is dated 12/05

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