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[QUOTE=beck6035]I got my latest test results yesterday. My total TC was 193, LDL 127, HDL 50, and Tri 80. This is down from Oct of TC 217, LDL 144, HDL 47, and Tri 130. I did this by following all of the great advice from everyone. I eat oatmeal every day (steel cut only), take 3 green tea extract capsules, 4 fish oil capsules and 2 cinnamon capsules. Of course I do watch the amount of saturated fat that I eat and I have no clue what a doughnut tastes like anymore. Of course when I saw the Dr yesterday all he said was that the numbers were better and to get the LDL lower. Told me to keep doing what I was doing but he never even asked what I was doing.

So thank you to everyone....I will keep reading and following all of your great advice.

Becky :)[/QUOTE]

Nice job! Your new numbers look fine to me. Not sure why your doctor wants them even lower - do you have other CHD Risk Factors?

Have you tried putting regular cinammon on your oatmeal? It helps to normalize your glucose and cholesterol just like the capsule version. I like mine with a little apple sauce or banana also.

Try ground flax seed also - it's a great source of fibre - most health-food stores carry it.

Doesn't surprise me that your doctor wasn't interested in your lifestyle changes - most are only interested in cures in a pill. Don't get discouraged by his/her indifference. Keep your lifestyle changes up - they'll help with overall health, not just high-cholesterol.


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