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[QUOTE=mousley]Okay, I have recently had some bloodwork done and my Triglycerides were in the high 300's, LDL was normal, Total Choles. was 215, and the HDl was considered to be low. I was basically consuming beer like a hybrid Irishman/Viking and I got stuck on Tricor? My question is if a person abstains from drinking how soon do Triglycerides normalize? Will elevated Triglycerides also cause higher total cholesterol and lower HDL? Granted I could lose a few lbs. but I am guessing the alchohol and it's sugars were the culprit. I will try abstaining, when should I retest? Thanks.[/QUOTE]

Have your Trigs been high all along? From what I understand, high Trigs and low HDL seem to go hand in hand, as my husband has the same problem. He is not a drinker, but has type 2 diabetes. Sugar is DEFINITELY a culprit in high Trigs., so go VERY easy on anything starchy, or sugary, as they will send your Trigs up. Stay away from processed foods, white potatoes and white rice and also pasta. WE eat pasta about once a week, but I usually get the wheat pasta. Switch to Whole wheat or even Rye bread, and do a search for low glycemic foods, that should give U a good idea what to stay away from, as some stuff really raises havoc with your Trigs.

Good luck.... :wave:
The Tricor does bring down the Tri's but for a while I was drinking with it so they never quite made it under 150. I have been fasting from it for a couple of weeks and excercising too. I hope cutting out all the alcohol makes a difference on I will use Fish Oil and Garlic.
I ate some the pther day and then tested my sugar after about an hour and 50 mins. and it was 136, is that anything to worry about?
I would not know right now what my fasting #'s would be but my friend has a meter I can use. I am trying to get out and do lot's of walking and eating mostly fish or chicken, I am also supplementing w/fish oil, garlic, policosanol, psyllium fiber, and chromium pic.
The last time I went in I had Trigs. at 236, Total Cholesterol at 212, LDL was acceptable and the HDL was in the low 30's I think. I got the 145mg of Tricor...I want to get off this drug. Has anyone else gotten off this stuff?
I also don't know what to do about bloodwork...I need to go in and get retested but the Doctor want's to do it every 3 months, I don't feel like I want to do that right now. I need some more time to get with my program...I want to see how it helps is too early I think. Any suggestios?

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