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[QUOTE=barbpom]I have read here some have HDL readings of 40, 50. ALso some are saying a high reading is better. What would a high reading be??



A high HDL reading is definitely good - HDL is the good cholesterol - it helps return some of the bad-cholesterol (LDL) back to the liver...

For men, an HDL level under 40 is low.
For women, an HDL level under 50 is low.

I've never seen any guidelines about what constitutes a 'high' HDL level, or read anything to indicate at what point HDL can be 'too high'.

Generally, I think the higher the HDL reading, the better off you are.

Some doctors will take someone whose total-cholesterol is too high, primarily due to high HDL, even if their LDL and Triglycerides are low, and put them on drugs. I don't agree with this.

The general goal in cholesterol therapy is to

lower LDL (<130)
increase HDL (> 40 or >50 depending upon sex)
lower triglycerides (<150)

These numbers can be modified based on additional risk factors one may have.

[QUOTE=barbpom]Oh goodness, I got it wrong, here are my numbers HDL 106 my LDL 172 and Triglycerides is 63. Total cholesterol is 291.

I was posting with out looking at my blood readings. Sorry, is this better???


Ok, that is better, but your TC and LDL are still kind of high even with a nice HDL. Don't know if U are on anything or not, but I would try really hard to get those 2 numbers down.

Make sure U put fiber into your diet like oatmeal, bran etc., limit your red meats to maybe 3 days a week, and then small portions. U can always fill up on fruits and veggies. I know some of the produce in the stores around here aren't really in season, so I usually buy frozen stuff, or even canned fruits in lite syrup. When we had a visiting nurse here for hubby last month, she told me to rinse off the canned fruit to lessen the sugar, as he is type 2 diabetic.

I'm sure other folks will post to you some of the things they have done to lower their numbers, and U could read thru the posts to get a few ideas. With such a nice HDL and low Trigs., if U could get those TC and LDL numbers down, your dr. would have nothing to crab about.

Good luck...... :wave:

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