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Just a word of warning...

Don't ever combine a statin with Tricor - it greatly increases the chances of muscle problems and rhabdomyolisis. I know, because a month after my doctor added Tricor to my Lipitor regimen, my arms ached so much I could't pick up my laptop PC, and I was profoundly weak. Took over a year to recover.

Statins and Fibrates should only be combined if one has both extremely high LDL and Triglycerides, and then only with proper monitoring of the patient.


I will never go on any other statin again and I was on them for many years.Zocor did work but I never knew when I would have to run to the bathroom. I stopped all Cholesterol drugs for a year just to have a normal life but my total numbers went right back up to the 300's. My primary said Tricor 145 mg would be the best for me and my stomach and he has been right.I take one every day where as on the statins before I stopped I would think what do I have to do today and if I wasn't close to a bathroom I didn't take the pill that day.BTW I also am taking once a day one capsule of cinnamon I heard that worked for Cholesterol and figured it couldn't hurt..

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