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[QUOTE=gardeninggal]Arizona, I did not know about the joints stiffening, boy I sure have that. Years ago I had a glucose test and was told that I was borderline but because It was borderline of course I didn't heed the warning until I got older and smarter (hopefully). My test showed it was elevated but never went from the normal column into the abnormal one until this last test. Granted it was only by one point but over into that column was a wake up call. My son just had his cholesterol test and it was terrific in all ways except his glocose was 112 and the doctor told him anything between 100 and 125 is borderline so he is concerned. I told him the same thing as I posted and he also said it makes sense to him because they told him he had some bulild up in one of his neck arteries inspite of the fact that his cholesterol was 161 HDL 54 LDL 91 and tri 81 and he takes nothing for cholesterol. We both are going to try to have less carbohydrates but I tell you the minuet I said that I wanted something sweet. I think that is funny because I don't normally crave sweets. Oh what weak humans we are...right? Bye the way Arizona, I told my husband that I had been taking a strong garlic suppliment and he admitted that he never smelled any garlic odor. Thanks again for all your down to earth good health tips. :wave:[/QUOTE]


If you want an alternate diet that reduces carb intake, take a look at the 'Paleolithic' diet. You might find some interesting guidelines in this approach.

It stresses eating like our ancestors did 10,000 years ago - before the advent of modern agriculture.

Basically is stresses fish, more polyunsatured than saturated fats, a good percent of protein coming from other than meat sources, only lean meats (not the grain-fed ones we consume today - more natural grazed animal meats or wild game), vegetables, low-sugar fruits, nuts, seeds.

It severely restricts legumes & grains. I'm pretty sure sugar, sweets and alchohol are completely off the list (after all, it stresses hunter-gatherer foods, not hunter-gatherer-choclatier foods :D ).

It basically tries to immitate a hunter-gatherer type diet that humans were on before the advent of modern agriculture. The thought being that our digestive systems have not had time to evolve and adjust to modern crop foods in a mere 10,000 years...

I'm not following this diet myself, just thought I'd pass the info along. The idea that we have not evolved enough to properly digest legumes and grains makes sense to me however...

I'm trying to just reduce trans-fats and saturated fats, to eat everything in moderation - not stressing high carb or low car, high protein or low protein, high fat or low fat - and to eat as few processed foods as possible.



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