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I've been taking Enduracin, an OTC sustained-release niacin for about 2 years. I started out with AST 21 and ALT 16. The highest they ever got was AST 23 and ALT 25, but the last tests were 22 and 17 respectively. I was taking 750 mg daily at that time. I was also drinking about 5-6 alcoholic drinks weekly, never more than one daily.

I would be very concerned about the elevation of liver enzymes. What did the doctor say about it?

Does your husband drink much alcohol? He might need to cut it out completely if he is to continue taking niacin. He might want to switch to a different brand of niacin; some are safer than others. He might want to switch to the prescription form of niacin, Niaspan. Or perhaps cut the dosage. If he does continue to take niacin in any form, I'd think he may want to have another liver function test in three months to make sure things weren't getting worse. An elevation as much as his was in just five months is worrisome.

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