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Fish oil - specifically the ingrediants DHA and EPA. There is extremely good evidence that these lower triglycerides and slightly bump HDL (they don't seem to do much for LDL). There is even a new prescription medication made from fish oil called omicor.

To specifically impact triglycerides, you should be looking at over the counter supplements that will give you anywhere from 2 to 4 grams of combined EPA plus DHA (ie. you need to read the labels to find out how much EPA and DHA are in any given brands formula).

I take Nature's Bounty fish oil in the 1200mg soft gel formulation, but there are other very good brands. I take 6 soft gels (3 with breakfast and 3 with my evening meal), which gives me a daily total of 2160mg EPA+DHA.

There was even a Consumer's Digest review of fish oil brands last year (?). Try to buy one that has distilled oil, as that will help ensure that any heavy metal contamination in the fish has been removed.

My triglycerides went from 684mg/DL to about 150 now with the above combination of fish oil and fenofibrate (Tricor). Tricor is a prescription med. so don't concern yourself with that until you've tried alternatives. Avoid too much dietary fat, sugars, and especially alcohol. Most people with high triglycerides seem have them spike with alcohol, I know mine do, even one beer a week before a lipid panel will elevate mine.

Try the fish oil by itself for awhile before you even think about any prescription meds though. The main side effect from fish oil typically is intestinal discomfort and gas, although I've never experienced any issues with taking it.

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