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Hi, I am a 30 year old female, I eat a very low fat diet and exercise regularly. To give my stats, I am 5'2 and about 110 lbs. I have good blood pressure and healthy. I took a cholesterol test for the first time and came back w/the following results:

Cholesterol 252
Triglyceride 96
HDL 71
LDL 162
Chol/HDL Ratio 3.5

The doctor said that my good cholesterol and triglycerides were really good showing that I eat pretty healthy and exercise regularly. He said the LDL has a lot to do with genetics and my family has a high genetic history of high cholesterol. My parents both have high cholesterol. He wants me to start on Advicor. I fell I am so young to be taking medicaitons. Do you think these test results are bad? He said that my diet was so good now and he didn't think that any change in diet would change my LDL numbers. Any thoughts on my results?
I have a friend who has numbers similar to yours. Her doctor does not recommend statins because she has high HDL. She has had these types of numbers since she was in her late 20's and she is now 54. Also, she is a nurse and is extremely careful with her diet and she runs for exercise.

You say your parents have high cholesterol? Have they had heart problems? You seem young to be on statins unless there is a history of heart problems in your family.


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