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Are you on a low carb diet? Your triglycerides are spectacular.

Gee, a shame that the 5 mg. Lipitor was tough on you,

The Tricor is aimed at triglycerides but you can exppect somewhere between a 20 and 30% drop in LDL...but that still leaves your LDL above 200.
Might as well try because if 5 mg, Lipitor was painful probably no statin is to be condsidered.

What happened with the Lipitor?
Agreed that the tricor is used most often to target getting triglycerides down. But, reductions in LDL of up to 50% have been reported with it, and HDL should go up some too (as much as 20%, but 5-10% seems more common). And you are going on a heavy tricor dose right away. The max FDA approved dose in the USA (as of 2004) is 145mg/daily (2004 was the same time that Abbott Labs, who make Tricor, also came out with a new formulation that didn't have to be taken with meals, so it's absorption and bioavailability increased).

Just be wary of muscle pains, although if you had them with the lipitor, you know the warning signs to be watchful for (fibrates can also cause the same suite of muscle issues as the statins), and they seem less common (when taken by themselves) then with the statins.

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