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Taking a fibrate and a statin together can increase the risk of full-blown rhabdomyolysis by up to 40 times the risk of either alone. I think those numbers come from a UK study with Gemfibrozil and a statin - tricor and a statin are better tolerated, but Gemfibrozil actually inhibits an enzyme specifically involved with statin metabolism.

The CoQ10 supplements do seem to help some people on Tricor. The link is more tenuous then with the statins though, since fibrates have not been shown to reduce blood serum CoQ10 levels, while statins have. Regardless, 100mg to 200mg CoQ10, if it doesn't help, is highly unlikely to hurt you (I've never heard of a negative side effect with CoQ10, at least not at common supplement levels). It is a bit pricey though.

I wish I could say something more directly related to your questions. However, I take both Tricor and Crestor, and trial and error with other statins and combo-drug therapy in the past makes me believe my leg pains have been primarily due to the statins, not the fibrates.

aside - one thing I know about my own high triglycerides is that alcohol definately makes them spike, and it may take several days or more for them to come back down. It's unfortunately made me give up alcohol except for special times, like Christmas, maybe Thanksgiving or a big family event.

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