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For people with high triglycerides, alcohol seems to be the big factor. Even mild, occasional drinking seems to cause plasma trig levels to shoot up, even when on medication to lower them (note that alcohol not only reduces your body's ability to break down triglycerides, but, at the same time, it induces the liver to make more).

When I was in cardiac rehab, the nutritionists there all strongly suggested that for those of us with triglyceride problems, it was best to just give up alcohol altogether - one described alcohol as the one most potent dietary substance for raising plasma triglycerides.
I'm taking Tricor 145mg every day, I've been on Tricor for about 2 years (dosages have varied). Every so often the docs will check my triglycerides and they are way over 1000!! I do have a family history of hypertriglyceridemia, but my Dad didn't get this problem until he was over 50!, I am female and only 26! So, even though I have been behaving myself according to diet and NEVER drink alcohol, I still get those huge spikes... My high triglycerides even caused me to develop pancreatitis (usually needs to be over 1000 to do that). It was not a nice experience, so be careful with those levels!!!! :nono:

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