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I don't usually post since I am relatively new to the board. But I have reduced my TC by taking 2 cinnamon capsules (1am, 1pm) per day, and 4 fish oil capsules in the evening (with dinner). Now while my Tri's were within the normal range before starting this (125-150) I was able to bring them down to 80. This in turn caused my HDL to go up 10 points. And I like that.

As to cost. The cost is very small. You can get the cinnamon for about 6-7 bucks for 100 capsules at walgreens. And if you watch the sales you can get them at 2 for 1. This is the same for the fish oil. Now as to the burping with the fish oil. I have found for me that I have less burping when I take the fish oil right before eating dinner. This way the food kinda weighs down or covers up the fish oil. Works most of the time. When it doesn't and it really bothers me I just have a small peppermint and that takes care of it.

There are no side effects with either of these 2 supplements. Don't take the garlic so I am of no help there. Good luck with whatever you decide.


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