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... My doctor just told me to take 4000 mg. ... (18 replies)
... Informative, excellent post. I just printed it out and will take it to my cardiologist for my appointment in three weeks. (18 replies)
... Most fish oil capsules purchased are not FDA tested and ingredients used by most companies is questionable. With the exception of CARLSON fish oil which many have taken with great results (including myself) the others did not provide any meaningful benefits in my blood test results. When your taking a product for therapeutic benefits, you cannot rely on store bought... (18 replies)

... Four grams of fish oil, or four grams of Omega 3? There is a big difference. Most fish oil capsules come in approx 300mg-600mg of Omega 3 per 1000mg. So 4 grams equals 1200mg - 2400mg of Omega 3. 1200-2400 mg of Omega 3 isn't really that large a dose. Most people require at least 1800mg Omega 3 to improve triglyceride levels. If she prescribed Lovaza (prescription fish... (18 replies)
... I am new to this board, i have had great response over at the Thyroid Board i thought i would come over here and get some thoughts on my Cholesterol levels. First time i have had my Cholesterol taken May 2009 Lp(a)----620.....................................<300 mg/L Cholesterol-----5.19...........................2.00---5.19 mmol/L Fasting Yes... (13 replies)
... I have fish oil with omega 3 that is 1000 mg. and 300 mg omega 3, which would be way under the dose needed. That can't be right, can it? ... (1 replies)
... Last fall I started a course of 4000 mg. garlic, 2000 mg. flaxseed oil, 1000 mg. flush free niacin, and 2000 mg. fish oil concentrate per day. ... (2 replies)
... I take approx. 2,000 mg of NIACOR (prescription immedicate release) and my HDL is always about 50 (give or take). Even at 3,000 - 4000 mg. a day my HDL was pretty similar, but side effects were worse. Side effects can include slight muscle aches and gastro-symptoms. My doctor said to not exceed 2,000 mg. a day to avoid some of the side effects. High dose Niacin or Fish Oil... (4 replies)
... coq10 which I take 800 mg a day. this has helped alot with pain, My dr told me that what ever my body doesn't use, it will get rid of . ... (5 replies)
... Originally posted by hunter44: Everything that I have read is that to get the necessary omega-3's you need about an ounce of it a day which is about 9 to 12 caps. Hi hunter, I think I've told you before in my past posts, but maybe I'm remembering wrong...I DID try the low carb plan, for almost one year. My numbers didn't change one bit. Honestly! I'm certainly... (23 replies)
... My doctor is not a believer of any supplement but I take them anyway including 4000 MG of High quality Cod Liver Oil, CoQ10 and othes. I watch what I eat and am on a low carb diet. ... (16 replies)
... I am taking 4g (4000mg) of fish oil a day but I take Lovaza which is prescription-only. I guess anyone can put fish oil into capsules and sell it. This is actually regulated, from what I understand. It took some convincing to get my insurance company to pay for it (it's $200+ per month for this dose) but it was the only medication to significantly lower my triglycerides along... (18 replies)
... Actually, you can get much higher doses of fish oil by eating fatty fish like sardines or salmon. A 3oz can of sardines has 9g of fish oil, including 1g of EPA+DHA. A 3oz serving of farmed Atlantic salmon has 7g of fish oil, including 1.5g of EPA+DHA. (18 replies)
... My last trig level came back at 111, but I'm not entirely happy with that number. I currently take about 2.4 grams of omega 3 (Carlson's usually) with around an extra 100mg omega 3's from Krill. Carlson liquid is pretty cheap, by the way. A 40 serving bottle goes for about $13 at vitamin shoppe, and a 100 serving is around $23. I like the smaller bottles, even though less... (18 replies)
... Unless your triglycerides are very high (500 +) 2 softgels a day will do the trick in lowering those high levels. My insurance is currently CAREMARK soon to be switched to MEDCO also. The bottles I recieve are yellow labeled LOVAZA bottles. The LOVAZA trademark on the softgel is a unique identifier. The great thing about LOVAZA is there is no aftertaste, due to the ester... (18 replies)
... I thought normal dosing was 4x daily, so it'd be 120 per bottle? And do you get that via mail order or through a local pharmacy? I called Medco about how they ship Lovaza (as that's who my insurance uses) and they said they reship Lovaza in their own Medco bottles. And that means they would need to open the original bottles they came in, which made me wary. A local... (18 replies)
... The bottles I receive are 100 count X 3 bottles. They are always sealed with an expiry date. Oxidation is always a possibilty with almost any supplement. Supplement shelf life can also effect potency. Taking a Vitamin E softgel is supposed to prevent this oxidation which may occurr. (18 replies)
... Thanks for the response about Lovaza. Only issue I have about Lovaza (overlooking cost for those without insurance), are potential oxidation problems. If you get it from your local pharmacy in a sealed bottle, it should be fine. But if getting a 3 month mail order supply, or a partial bottle from a pharmacy, oxidation could be an issue. As pharmacists tend to leave... (18 replies)
... Carlson's is excellent. COSTCO and many other fish oils are not so good. According to Dr.Mercola, some of his patients taking COSTCO had terrible Cholesterol results. When switched to CARLSON those numbers greatly improved. Keep in mind that most supplements are not FDA approved and the manufacturing standards are not too good. I've taken CARLSON with good results. CARLSON is... (18 replies)
... I find it interesting that someone had better trig values on Lovaza vs OTC fish oil. Logically, there should be little difference, if the Omega 3 amounts were the same. Hmm... perhaps the higher concentration equated to better total absorption? It's possible, I suppose. The Lovaza is ethyl ester, the same as most OTC brands, such as Costco, etc., so I see no difference in that... (18 replies)

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