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[QUOTE=Lenin]I'm glad you were able to find one you liked. [email protected] (lovastatin) is weaker than the others but is also the cheapest. Rstarre, I do hope you are getting the generic, lovastatin, at about $1 a pill because they are still charging around $4 each for the brand named [email protected] by Merck.

I think people who have trouble with the big guns like Crestor, Zocor, or Lipitor should follow your advice before they settle for a life of untreated high cholesterol.

That lovastatin is the same drug as red yeast rice provides.[/QUOTE]

Mmmm, I thought that Pravachol was the weakest?? No? After problems with Lipitor and Zocor (muscle pain and weakness some limited numbness) I was put on Zetia. That's just causing a lot of digestive issues which I already had following the statin problems with Lipitor and Zocor. I am now taking Nexium which seems to be working but....will I be OK after I stop taking Nexium.... that remains to be seen.

I'm wondering if I stop the Zetia.....IF the lovastatin would work at a low dose without the side effects-or, because I've already had's a path well worn for even a weak statin to cause problems? Anyone with knowledge here would be great. I'm still taking COQ10 (100mg) and I feel about 75-85% better than I did months ago. Maybe I'll never get to 100%. :confused:

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