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[QUOTE=JJ]I have only seen it a couple of times, as tv is nothing but reruns, but like U, it seems when I do watch all I see is med. ads. Give me the pet ads, at least they are cute. Maybe they are getting nervous, as I heard they are having some big layoffs there. Seeing they are based here in CT., wish they would take some of their ad money and donate it to our taxes, we need a break. God knows they probably write it all off.........:rolleyes:

Have a good one, and stay cool......:wave:[/QUOTE]

I hate those ads. I'd like to see Mandy Potankin (on the crestor ads) sucked into that escalator, and Dr. jirvak swept over a raging waterfall. THose crazy little doctors and med students (actors, i hope) touting the wonders of zetia, don't have a clue of what zetia does. (tests have now shown that while it is true that zetia does not interfere with Coq10 production, it severly limits its absorption in the intestine).... well at least they technically didn't lie... ANd those, not single, but DOUBLE full page ads in the newspapers!!!. Their time is coming...(and it will be in December) when the Statin Study is published. My mother's and My doctors' waiting room looks like a pharmacutical trade show. My mother's doctor is an idiot (she professes proudly that she gets all of her information on medications from her sales reps). My doctor in the same group is a D.O., and highly intelligent, also knows HOW the body works. (i think more doctors should be D.O's. The girl at the front desk wrote my next appoint down on a note pad....with LIPITOR printed in big letters at the bottom. Thats when i came unglued. I told her in no uncertain terms..that i was tired of sitting in a waiting room that looked like a pharmacutical trade show, and that if they couldn't afford their own paper, they should not be in business. You would think by their attitude that they are paying us to see them...(and be kept waiting , and waiting). This will change...I think cholesterol is going to push doctors into a category that they never in their wildest dreams thought they would be in. ALso JJ. I have done some research on Cinnamon, and Flax seed. They have some amazing qualities...proven, i might add. I'll try to start a new thread and tell you what all they do, but seems like lowering cholestrol is possibly "just a side effect" of repair work that they do. Our bodies aren't nearly as stupid as drug companies and doctors make them out to be.

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