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Exercise and diet should always be your first approach, and should never be underestimated as to how effective they can be (my sister cut her LDL by half with just diet and exercise changes, and her HDL went up by a good 30% or so too - her LDL is now about 98 and HDL around 96). Keep in mind though that such lifestyle changes may take awhile (eg. a year) to really see their full potential benefits.[/QUOTE]

I agree--especially after the results of my husband's cholesterol test this morning. It showed a total cholesterol of 222, the lowest it has even tested at home. I was so sure it was wrong that I made him take it again and it was the same number. Six weeks ago it was 254 on the home test and 269, according to an official lab test. Even with the 13-point difference it would be 235.

When he stopped Lipitor a year ago his labs showed a TC of 301 and I think he has tried every supplement known to man. The only thing he is doing differently since his last test six weeks ago is the addition of ground flax seed on his oatmeal and more psyillium. He also has been running consistently the past four weeks.

I do wonder if cholesterol levels are somehow related to seasons of the year since the last time his cholesterol dropped (not to this level) it was in July last year. Anyway, I am feeling pretty good this morning, but will feel better when the decrease is confirmed by a lab.


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