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Re: Muscle Pain
Jun 30, 2006
Your doctor could do a CPK test; however, now-raised reuslts do NOT indicate that you have a muscle or liver problem. Just as people with a heart attack will have an elevated CPK test right after a heart attack..that raised level frequently does not continue. CPK will indicate damage being done, not damage done. Kind of like a fire..once the flames and smoke are gone the damage has been done. A muscle biopsy is probably a better indication; however, that also can be negative. If they take a muscle sample for a section that happens to be fine, it doesn't mean that the neighboring section of muscle is not damaged. The muscle test is testing for damaged mitochondria. As Jj said, a good test is to stop taking the offending (probable) agent. She is again right in that the problem might not go away right away. As my mother has been told, and has found out by trial and error, it takes 6 months for the mitochondria to start to repair. THis is due to the natural cycle of mitochondria. It is suspected that statins are not eliminated from the system as quickly as they once thought. JJ, I've been looking for this information for u and finally found it in one of my 15 cholesterol file boxes. ......Dietary cholesterol plays and important role in maintaining the health of the intestinal wall. People on low cholesterol diets tend to suffer from gastrointestinal problems, including "leaky guy syndrome" I "personally" think this would explain a lot of the gastrointestinal problems people have with zetia, as it stops the absorption of cholesterol in the intestines...(or so they say). Hope you're doing well...Mother has finished her cardio rehab after her by-pass surgery. She did well. SHe stopped (on her own)...the zetia she was taking. This was on May 2, 2006. She has started on the Zetia app. november of 2003. She had been on zocor and lipitor before, starting in 2000. I can absolutely chat her bad and good times...and they are all tied to her lowering cholesterol...(the bad times being when her cholesterol was the lowest)...Her neurologist said her problems are a cause of a damaged cerebellum... (he will not say it was due to cholesterol medications), but then again he won't deny it either. He did tell her it was up to her...but she should decide what she wanted to do when she couldn't speak and couldn't move at all without assistance. He said it might be a good idea to go off of the Zetia for 6 months (due to mitochondria repair)....but it was her call. Funny how they force feed those cholesterol medications to you...but they never take you off of them. She told him she went off of it on May 2. He also told her he wanted to go to physical thearpy 3 times a week for ever!!!. This didn't seem to bother her, as I think she really enjoys it. I think when she sees people worse off than her it gives her some incentive. This week she started physical thearpy. He has her walking 700 feet with her roller walker...standing (unassisted) betweeen the bars...for 2 minutes at a time....and she is almost able to get into bed by herself. SHe did start her needlework again, for the first time, since those wacko's put her back on the Zetia right before her bypass surgery. (within 3 days starting the Zetia she began having pains in her legs, hips and shoulders.) Her physical thearpist said he is going to really work her next week, and to make a space in the closet for that wheelchair...because soon he doesn't want to see it. She doesn't argue with him.....sorry to ramble...but in short her bypass surgery was caused by the it has been reported to cause plaque to become unstable.

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