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3 months ago they were

I have been watching what i eat and lost about 30 pounds but they dont seem to be getting any better what else can i do?? I dont smoke, i dont have high blood pressure but i do have a family history of heart attacks before the age of 55. I really dont want to have to go on medication for my cholesterol.[/QUOTE]

I also have a strong paternal family history of heart attack before age 55. As someone who now has also had my own MI at age 42, I would not hesitate for one second to go on medication if I had your numbers. Your LDL is very high for someone with family risk, and your HDL is very low. There are numerous choices for medication, and many, many people take meds for cholesterol without any problems. Yes there are side effects, but not everyone experiences them, or even experiences them to the same degree. One potential big side effect of [b]not[/b] being aggressive about reducing your risk factors is a heart attack.

The problem with hesitating is that when/if a crisis happens (eg. MI), it's already too late - you can never go back.

You don't mention exercise - do you get daily moderate to intense exercise, say for at least 30 or more minutes? If not, that can certainly help get LDL down and HDL up.

I just think that strong family history of early-age heart attack (in my case, father, grandfather, and almost certainly great-grandfather from what we know about his death) is a huge warning sign to be aggressive about any and all risk factors that you do have at least some control over. Your weight loss is great, it just doesn't seem enough however.

P.S. I've had bad experiences with two statins - lipitor and zocor (leg pains and fatigue). But, I've been on crestor for nearly 2 months now, and so far, those problems have not recurred - and I also take tricor which just enhances the whole muscle pain problem. Sometimes it does take some trials to find out what works for you - and I still need to see how well the crestor has effected my numbers (will do that in a couple of weeks). I also take a large dose of fish oil since I also have high triglycerides - but I know people who can't even handle that (too much stomach upset and gas), so again, it's very variable and individual. I do workout, intensely, for about 45 minutes 6-7 mornings per week as well.

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