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Did you fast for 12-14 hours before that blood test? Did you, by chance, eat a high carbohydrate meal as your last meal before the test?

What's your diet like? A lot of high carb foods, like sugar, potatoes and rice? The first thing to do to lower trigs and raise HDL is to decrease carbs. Try to limit your carbs to mostly whole grains, fruit, non-starchy vegetables and legumes, and keep the total quantity of carbs under control without going "low-carb." Eat some eggs, but don't go overboard. Eggs typically raise both LDL and HDL, but with the ratios you are starting with, they will very likely raise HDL more than LDL, so you will be better off. If you are able to handle alcohol, a glass of red wine a day will increase HDL, too.

However, if you change diet at the same time you add the Tricor, you will have no idea how much any change could be attributed to dietary changes and how much to the Tricor. Of course, your doctor will likely attribute it all to the Tricor, unless he has specifically instructed you to change your diet.

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