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Hi all, new to this site.

I've been on Lipitor for about 18 months now. Didn't have much trouble with it up to now. Doctor started me on 40mg, but had to lower to 20 since my liver levels were elevated. For the last two months, I have started having very heavy fatigue, my arms and legs (all four) are tingling (almost constantly) am increasingly light headed, the muscles in my legs constantly ache, and it seems to be getting worse pretty quick.

Does anyone know if this sounds like signs of side effects of lipitor? SHOULD I STOP TAKING IT?? It did help my cholesterol (bad from 215 to 143, good from 15 to 30, tri from +/- 375 to 145).

If satins are not an option for me, what else is out there? I'm taking cinnamon to help with the triglycerides, which is working. I've heard that Niacin is good for cholesterol.

I'm a 43 yr old male.
My mom experienced muscle pain, and [U]lost her memory [/U]due to Lipitor. A major side effect of Lipitor is the depletion of CoQ10 in the brain. One day she just started forgetting everything, and walked around like an aimless zombie... very similar to global amnesia. She still had her long term memory intact, but very little short term memory.

There's been a recent lawsuit to this effect against Pfizer. They even have a separate patent that includes pharmaceutical grade CoQ10 in the formulation. Just like with Fosamax and Vitamin D, when one patent expires, they can corner the market on a more effective formula. Except in this case, the results can be a lot more potentially damaging and possibly fatal. Which probably demonstrates just how important the daily intake of CoQ10 should be for anyone still on Lipitor.

After much research, I immediately had her change doctors, stop Lipitor, and started her on 150mg. of CoQ10 daily. The doctor actually felt that some of the memory loss was caused by her having mini-strokes. But the change on this new regimen was as immediate, as it was drastic. My moms memory returned almost 100 percent. But get this: her hearing improved drastically as well (no longer did she turn the television up to intolerably high levels, and ask people to repeat themselves) and her eyesight also improved (suddenly she was able to read without glasses in low light conditions.) Coincidence? I think not.

I also started her on a daily regimen of 1000mg. of Puritan's Pride Flush Free Niacin (inositol hexanicotinate,) 1000mg of fish oil, and 2tbl of psyllium husk. And how about just eating healthy? I had her incorporate salads and fishes into her diet at least three times a week. Six months later, and her lipid profile actually improved (slightly lower LDL, much higher HDL) over her last test, taken while on Lipitor. Impressive.

What's also great about Niacin is the extra added benefit of the natural release of small amounts of HGH. This only happens if taken on an empty stomach, in absence of any oils. Of course, there are also harmful factors to consider with Niacin. As it can lower your platelet count, especially in combination with fish oil and a daily regimen of aspirin. And it also has the rare potential for increased liver toxicity in amounts above 1000-1500mg.


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