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[QUOTE=pduncan]What dose of Niacin would you consider safe, and is the type you can get at "Wal-Mart" the right type or is there some more effective?[/QUOTE]

I take 250mg of immediate-release niacin (Puritan's Pride brand) four times a day, for a total of 1000mg. I would hesitate to go much beyond that unless I was under a doctor's care. But that dosage has resulted in a significant increase in my HDL. However, your situation is different than mine. You have multiple issues. You have a very low HDL, combined with an elevated LDL and high triglycerides. So, in your case, it would be best to talk this over with your doctor, and see what he would recommend. Perhaps an extended-release niacin would be best in your case, such as Niaspan, which is available by prescription. This form of niacin may be better for lowering LDL, and at the same time increasing HDL. Also, if you are taking a statin, don't ever start self-administering niacin without first consulting with your doctor.

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