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That's a normal flush for me too and about what I'd get with 100 mg. When I tried 500 mg. I got angioedema which is swollen lips, tongue, eyelids that can sometimes cause throat closure and suffocation. It scared me to death.

There is only one route you can go with niacin and that's to try some of the slow release preparations either called long-acting, or extended release, or even inositol hexanicotinate (sp?)
Consider 500 mg. the bare minimum for any beneficial effect on cholesterol.

I like something called SLO-NIACIN by Upsher-Smith but that's because I find it often in a sale bin in one of my fave bargain stores. Even with the slow release formulations, taking it with some aspirin and last thing at night help prevent the slight flushing that might occur.

Some pundits say that you can start with a tiny dose of "regular" niacin and work your way up with time. After many tries at this, I have found it to be completely untrue.

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