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Re: No-flush Niacin
Aug 14, 2006

That link was extremely interesting but the discussion on hyperlipidemia was weak. She seemed to be talking AROUND the issue.
Basically this is the core of the cholesterol lowering argument:

[QUOTE]Dorner and Fischer17 reported statistically significant reductions of cholesterol without side effects in 16 hyperlipidemic patients treated with 400 mg IHN 3 times daily for one month followed by 400 mg 4 times daily for a total of 40 weeks. A study comparing IHN and nicotinic acid on blood lipid levels in hyperlipidemic Buscat rabbits demonstrated a marked reduction in total serum lipid levels at a daily dose of 30mg/kg body weight. The IHN treated group had a 62.2% reduction in total blood lipids while the niacin group demonstrated a 58.3% reduction. Total cholesterol decreased in the IHN treated group by 79.5%, in the niacin treated group by 74.9%.[/QUOTE]

Couple thoughts: why 3 and 4 times a day dosing with a substance that the article states takes 10 hours to reach peak blood concentration.
But more importantly, the Dorner and Fisher very small study is glossed over with no results given but then the Buscat rabbits (genetically bred for high lipidemia) are touted with resutls of total cholesterol lowering of 75 to 80%, preposterously impossible results if applied to humans. It would mean a person with a cholesteral of 200 could expect quick lowering to a cholesterol of 50 with niacin or IHN.

Basically the discussion is to show that IHN is as beneficial as niacin, which it may or may not be, and that it definitely reduces discomfort from flushing, which is definitely true. But it does little to allay the fears of possible hepatotoxicity.

I DID learn from the article that I must take some extra care because niacin competes with uric acid for kidney excetion:eek: ...and I have GOUT, albeit well controlled, and a small uric acid kidney stone already.

If you find anything that directly addresses the safety of IHN compared to other slow release preparations, I'd love to read them.

Thanks for the informative link.

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