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Storm Moon,

Yep, your numbers are not good. You have a TC/HDL ratio of 5.75 which should be <4.0. This is caused by both your triglycerides and LDL being high, but not terribly so and amplified by your HDL being low.
If you were older, I'd say consider a statin, but at 28 try your damdest to get the numbers in line without drugs.

The old saws:

Lower Fat to <30% of calories (<20% is better to lower cholesterol), and keep your saturated fats to <10 grams
High Fiber...beans, peas, lentils, grains, rough vegetables, etc.
NO trans-fats (hydrogenated vegetable oils)
Lower your weight to average or below
Eat FISH frequently
Limit sugars and alcohol (both mess with triglycerides).
Drink booze every day :D (but keep to 3 drinks or less)..good for HDL
Get your weight to normal or slightly below.

(Now you see why so many people take statins instead. :D:D:D)

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