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Dude, can I call you dude? :-)
I was about your age when I had my cholesterol checked at a health fair and my cholesterol was off the chart, the highest reading they had was 279 and the machine just said "high" for my reading.

At that point, I started eating better, I jogged every other day and the days I didn't job, I was at the gym. I got down to 165lbs, I was a lean mean fighting machine... but my cholesterol was still high.

after that, for a straight year I ate oatmeal for breakfast, a salad for lunch and whatever was on the table at dinner time. basically the same results.

I'm not trying to say this will be you, I'm not trying to scare you but it could be the foods your eating, it could be hereditary. I quit smoking about two years ago which which was a big benefit to my health and around the same time I quit drinking. I shouldn't say I quit drinking but haven't drank in two years. With medication, my cholesterol numbers are down but my triglycerides are still up and I drink a ton of soda! which I'm not sure what effect it has but if it is going to raise my triglycerides after 12 hours (as another poster mentioned), I may try to avoid it for a day or so before my next blood test.

I will say one thing. I think that dieting to lower those cholesterol numbers is very important my one caviat is that you need to find the diet that works for you and your own body, I'm still trying to figure mine out so don't get discouraged.

Smoking, I tried to quit many times and finally tried to Commit Lozenges, the worked like a charm.


[QUOTE=mooler]I have been working for a year to get my cholesterol numbers down below 300 and it hasnt worked. I started with 339 and im at 317. i have been trying to avoid the Statin but it seems inevitable.

I'm 25 years old, Male, smoker, drinker and with a history of high cholesterol in the family. Both grandmas and both parents all have cholesterol levels above 240 with my mom being the highest. one grandpa died of a stroke due to diabetes, the other to lung cancer.

I changed my diet and decreased my fat and calorie intake. However, it wasnt enough. I lost 10lbs but my cholesterol didnt really budge. What i did notice is that my Tri are well above 400 because of all the soda i drink to compensate for the energy i lose from usable calories

Test Results (Fasting Lipid Profile with Liver Function)


Total Cholesterol 339
Triglyceride 271
HDL 47
LDL 238


8/15/06 (No Liver Profile)

Total Cholesterol 316
Triglyceride 415
HDL Unreadable
LDL Unreadable
VLDL Unreadable

Doc prescribed me 80mg of Zocor today. It seems high but he seems to think that he will be able to crash my cholesterol quickly and then reduce the dose to allow it to creep up slowly and then level out.

Anybody had bad side effects with 80mg. Im kinda nervous about the muscle damage. Not so much the liver damage considering the liver is the most resilent organ in the human body. Im thinking i may just cut the pill in half and take 40mg a day and see how that works.

any input would be appreciated[/QUOTE]

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